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The content of this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ("Terms") regulates the use of the services developed and provided by Quoretech SA, a private legal entity, registered with the CNPJ / MF under no. 13.048.957 / 0001-50, headquartered at Rua Josino Vilela, 300 , Boa Vista, Santa Rita do Sapucaí, MG, CEP 37540-000 (" Quoretech "), the company responsible for the technological tools that make up the Quoretech System, defined below. By electronically accepting the content of this Term, by clicking on the field "I have read and agree to all the content of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy", the User will have automatically adhered to and agreed to all its provisions.It is therefore important that the User takes the time to carefully read these Terms of Use, which may change at any time, as many times as necessary, which is why Quoretech encourages you to revisit this document each time you use the services.


Quoretech: It is a Brazilian company that has developed a diagnostic ecosystem ("Quoretech System") that allows tests to be carried out to detect cardiac arrhythmias, reducing the time between diagnosis and medical management in cardiovascular diseases, which consists of the following tools;

QuoreOne: Device (Hardware) consisting of a cardiac monitor which, once attached to the patient's body using electrodes, collects and records ECG information and can even, when operated in online mode, transfer this information to the QuoreApp application;

Application (Software) required to carry out tests on the QuoreOne device. When the test is carried out online, in addition to receiving the data sent by the device and relaying it to the reporting platform, the application allows additional data to be collected from the patient during the cardiac monitoring test;

Reporting platform (Software) on which the ECG signals from the tests transferred via the QuoreApp are finalized by the medical professionals who will proceed with the report, called laudators.

User: These are healthcare professionals, hospital and/or laboratory teams, multi-professionals, arbitrators and patients.

User Registration: In order to use the Quoretech System, the User's personal registration will be carried out, which must be duly registered and validated in order to be able to access the services via a personal login and password.

Professional Medical Users must request access by pre-registering with the application or the quore.tech website, including their professional identification information. Once the legitimacy of the professional identity has been validated, in the correct exercise of the profession, with the Quoretech support team contato@quore.tech, the User will receive an e-mail with the login information to complement the registration and qualification for the use of the services;

Professional Users must request their registration in the application, which will be validated by e-mail to be sent after the access request.

Login: Refers to the name and password provided by the User when registering to use the Quoretech System.Password: Set of characters created and used by the User to access and use the Quoretech System.

Personally Identifiable Information: Personally identifiable information (personal data) is considered to be information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses, the IP system (device identifier), provided by the User to Quoretech during registration with the application or quoretech.

IP address: This is the numerical string that identifies the device from which the communication originates, such as the operating system of the User's device and the type of browser.


2.1. The Quoretech System aims to provide technological tools to assist practices related to the medical profession, specifically with regard to carrying out tests for the detection of cardiac arrhythmias, with the possibility of real-time monitoring, initiated with the installation of the QuoreOne device directly in the office of the doctor adhering to the services, reducing the time of the phases of the process between diagnosis and medical management in cardiovascular diseases.


3.1. In order to use the Quoretech System, the User must:
(i) Be over 18 (eighteen) years of age and fully capable;
(ii) Be a trained doctor with an active CRM, if he/she is a Medical Professional User;
(iii) Have an Internet connection, including a remote one. The costs related to accessing the Internet connection will be borne by the User;
(iv) Commit to making good use of the Quoretech System, agreeing to and complying with the provisions of these Terms, as well as respecting the legislation in force in Brazilian territory and the codes of conduct, under penalty of interruption in the provision of services when improper conduct is observed, which violates the rights and laws to which the services offered are governed. Acceptance by the User automatically binds the rights and obligations contained therein;
(v) Register the required data, being responsible for the veracity and the information entered/registered.
(vi) Read the QuoreOne instruction manual in its entirety before starting the first use of the product, as well as at any other time to resolve any doubts arising from its application and use.

3.2. It is NOT permitted and the User may NOT:
(i) Make more than one registration per CRM or assign their registration to another professional, if a Medical Professional User;
(ii) Create a false identity or use subterfuges to deceive others or obtain benefits, as well as falsify, omit or simulate information and data;
(iii) Use the tools of the Quoretech System for illicit purposes that are not in accordance with the precepts related to the medical profession and/or the purpose proposed by Quoretech when the ecosystem was developed;
(iv) Transmit and/or disseminate any material that violates the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights, such as the use/copying of images and texts without proper authorization.
3.3 The User shall be civilly and criminally liable for the veracity of the information, including vis-à-vis third parties, and must keep their details up to date. Users who register on behalf of third parties and incur liability for the crime of misrepresentation, as provided for in the Brazilian Penal Code.

3.4. The sharing of data related to medical prescriptions for examinations and treatments, as well as acts resulting from medical prescriptions and practices in accordance with the Code of Medical Ethics, are the sole responsibility of the Medical Professional User.

3.4.1. The User, both Medical Professional and Patient, is aware that Quoretech does not and will not provide any services related to those provided or carried out by health professionals, being limited only to the provision of services related to the intermediation activity, because through the offer of technology of which diagnostic examination services will be carried out and, in the end, reported independently by medical professionals.

3..5 In the event of non-compliance with the conditions established herein, Quoretech may, at its sole discretion, issue a warning or suspend access to the Quoretech System, without prejudice to the application of other appropriate measures to determine the cessation of the improper practice and/or seek redress for the consequences of this practice, and may report the practices to the public authorities, so that possible crimes are investigated for the improper use of the ecosystem.

3.5.1 Access to the Quoretech System may also be suspended by Quoretech in the event that the Medical Professional User, whether he/she is the owner of a medical practice or a clinical laboratory, fails to make the payment provided for in the contract or fails to transmit the quota of prescriptions, in accordance with the table in force at the time of signing the contractual instrument, per examination approved and delivered.


4.1. The Login and Password registered by the User are personal and non-transferable, and it is the User's responsibility to choose a secure password, as well as to keep it secret and refrain from providing it to third parties. The User shall be solely responsible for the use of the Quoretech System tools and for all acts carried out in his/her Login/Registration. Quoretech cannot be held civilly or criminally liable if access to data is not kept secure.

4.1.1. To protect the confidentiality of your password, the User is recommended to:
(i) not use a password linked to their basic personal data (such as name, e-mail address, date of birth), not let their password be known to third parties, periodically changing their password in order to better guarantee the security of their password and data;
(ii) Observe, at the end of their access, that they have actually clicked on the "Logout" field of their account, in order to guarantee that it is not accessed by unauthorized third parties;
(iii) Do not inform third parties of your password by any means (e-mail, telephone or otherwise), which includes members of Quoretech and/or other Users, whether Medical Professionals or Patients;
(iv) If the User forgets their password, they must use the "I forgot my password" function and the tool for setting a new password will be made available.

4.2 Any changes to the User's Registration, as well as deletion as a User, can only be made by the User himself through access to his registration, via login and password.

4.3 Quoretech has the right to request documents and/or update data whenever necessary to verify data and/or inconsistencies. If any inconsistency is detected, the registration may be blocked for verification and/or corrections, so that the interests of the parties are protected.

4.4. The User shall be fully responsible for ensuring that the configuration of his/her device/equipment complies with security requirements, such as updated and secure antivirus and web browser.


5.1. Quoretech is the sole and exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights, rights to trademarks and patents, or any other copyright, pursuant to Law 9,609 / 1998, Law 9,279 / 1996 and Law 9,610 / 1998, respectively, on any and all material contained in the Quoretech System, whether or not registered with the competent bodies.

5..1.1 The use of Quoretech services does not guarantee Users, whether medical professionals or patients, the right to intellectual property or any other copyright on the intelligence components, data files, texts, programs and others that make up the integrated solution.

5.1.2. Likewise, all intellectual property rights of a proprietary nature over concepts, layouts, images and figures, logo, know-how, research, artistic, scientific or literary creations, texts, expressions, methodologies, audiovisual works, translations, illustrations, drawings, photographs, processes, products, formulas, methods and improvements, or parts thereof, and also, among others, computer programs, algorithms, subroutines, source codes, object codes, designs, any derivations, improvements and enhancements whether reduced to tangible form, put into practice or not, and/or any other result arising from the performance of the Medical Professional Users in contributing to the development and evolution of the Quoretech System, are the exclusive property of Quoretech and are considered, for all legal purposes, to have been created under its order.

5Although access to the tools is free, it is up to the User to respect the intellectual property of the company, in accordance with the legislation in force in Brazil.

5.3 The license now granted is limited, non-exclusive, without the right to sublicense and transfer access and use to (i) use the Application and Platform on your personal device, exclusively in relation to the use of its features and (ii) access and use any content, information and related materials that may be made available through the functionalities in each case, exclusively. Any other rights not mentioned herein are reserved and unavailable.

5.4. It is expressly forbidden to:
(i) Use of the Quoretech System tools for purposes other than those expressly provided for in these Terms;
(ii) Modification, adaptation, licensing, copying, sale, assignment or any other form of distribution of the content contained in the areas of use of the ecosystem;
(iii) Preparation of derivative works, decoding, reverse engineering, violation of the source code of the technological tools;
(iv) Manipulation of the Application and Platform system and/or its content;
(v) Removal, concealment and/or alteration of watermarks, logos or other signs adopted by Quoretech, since they are all intangible property of exclusive ownership, as well as removal, alteration or obscuring of copyright or trademark notices or other proprietary notices affixed, contained or accessed.


6.1. A Quoretech, através das suas ferramentas tecnológicas, recolhe e armazena os dados pessoais necessários para a identificação legal do Utilizador, bem como para fornecer acesso aos serviços Sistema Quoretech, introduzidos pelo Utilizador e que incluem, entre outros, nome, altura, peso, sexo, e-mail, CPF, telefone, fotografia para efeitos de registo e resultados de exames realizados com o método desenvolvido pela Quoretech.

6.2. Informações que não podem ser identificadas, ou seja, informações que não tornam o utilizador pessoalmente identificável, e informações que, de alguma forma, tenham sido anonimizadas, podem ser utilizadas pela Quoretech para fins de investigação científica ou estatística, com a finalidade de fornecer amostras, características clínicas e/ou epidemiológicas de utilizadores agrupados, para apoiar ou promover os seus serviços e produtos ou quaisquer outros fins que a Quoretech considere apropriados, sempre em conformidade com a declaração de privacidade e outros regulamentos aplicáveis, proibindo expressamente a venda de informações pessoais, mesmo que anonimizadas.

6.3. As informações dos utilizadores poderão ser compartilhadas com profissionais de saúde que a elas acessam através dos canais e serviços da Quoretech, com o objetivo de fornecer serviços de diagnóstico, tal como previsto nas disposições do presente Termo, e poderão também ser compartilhadas nos casos em que a viabilidade comercial e/ou os serviços da Quoretech com outra empresa dependam deste fornecimento de dados ou, também devido a lei e/ou devido a determinação e/ou processo legal, bem como devido a um pedido e/ou solicitação emitida pela polícia, agências reguladoras e governamentais. Assim, por este Termo, o utilizador autoriza a Quoretech a divulgar as informações para os fins aqui mencionados.

6.4. A Quoretech pode também utilizar tecnologia para recolher informações técnicas automaticamente, independentemente do fornecimento pelo utilizador, tais como, mas não se limitando a, endereço de protocolo de Internet (IP), informação de data e hora, características e sites acessados, características do dispositivo de acesso, sistema operacional do equipamento utilizado e/ou tipo de navegador, para além da utilização de tecnologias como os cookies, para a melhoria do método de diagnóstico personalizado, bem como para ajudar no desenvolvimento de melhores serviços, melhorando a experiência do utilizador e o conteúdo da aplicação e da plataforma.

‍6.5. A Quoretech assegura que, no caso de estar envolvida em qualquer tipo de mudança corporativa, fusão ou venda de activos que envolvam a sua base de dados, deve ser mantida a confidencialidade das informações sensíveis e pessoais, devendo notificar os utilizadores de que podem, em tempo útil, se assim for determinado, exportar e/ou apagar os seus dados do Sistema Quoretech. Caso contrário, o registo do utilizador passará a fazer parte dos activos da empresa sucessora.

6.6. A Quoretech mantém o armazenamento de informação do utilizador tal como está com o seu perfil activo. A qualquer momento, no entanto, o utilizador pode solicitar a exportação ou eliminação das suas informações pessoais, através do e-mail em que o seu registo foi efetuado, dirigindo o pedido por mensagem eletrônica para contato@quore.tech

6.7. O utilizador declara estar ciente de que a Quoretech implementou proteções tecnológicas e administrativas para atingir a maior expectativa de segurança de informação possível, em plena conformidade com a legislação em vigor, sobretudo, mas não só, com a Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais - LGPD, Lei nº . 13,709 / 2018.

6.7.1. A Quoretech dispõe de servidores atribuídos dentro e fora do país. Todos os utilizadores são obrigados a realizar o processo de autenticação em cada login, quer por senha ou por token dinâmico. Os dados acessados pelos utilizadores profissionais de saúde, que visam oferecer serviços dentro do ecossistema, são identificados e encriptados de ponta a ponta, mesmo quando se utilizam servidores de terceiros.

6.7.2. Todos aqueles que têm acesso à informação que viajam através do Sistema Quoretech, seja através da prestação de serviços ou de outra forma, têm a obrigação contratual de manter a salvaguarda da informação, comprometendo-se a não distorcer a sua utilização, em desacordo com as disposições deste Termo, para além de garantir a conduta médica e a confidencialidade.

6.7.3 Nenhuma medida de segurança, contudo, é absoluta e inviolável, termos nos quais a responsabilidade da Quoretech por quaisquer danos e/ou perdas resultantes de falhas, vírus ou invasões da base de dados é limitada, excepto no caso de ter agido com intenção ou culpa.

6.7.4. Em caso de vazamento de dados, corrupção ou quebra de confidencialidade devido a um ato criminoso que possa expor dados pessoais e/ou sensíveis, a Quoretech informará todos os utilizadores do evento através dos seus canais de comunicação e por correio eletrônico.


7.1. A Quoretech não garante que as funções contidas no Sistema Quoretech satisfaçam as necessidades dos utilizadores, que o funcionamento da aplicação e da Plataforma seja ininterrupto ou livre de erros, que qualquer funcionalidade apresente disponibilidade permanente, que defeitos na Aplicação e Plataforma sejam corrigidos ou que a Aplicação e Plataforma sejam compatíveis ou funcionem com quaisquer outras aplicações ou serviços de terceiros.

7.1.1. A Aplicação QuoreApp e a Plataforma QuoreAI são fornecidas gratuitamente nas lojas da aplicação e nenhuma garantia, implícita ou explícita, de qualquer tipo, é oferecida em relação ao seu funcionamento ou à disponibilidade de informação, e a Quoretech não é, em nenhuma circunstância, responsável por quaisquer danos resultantes da interrupção do acesso à Aplicação ou à Plataforma, independentemente do motivo que cause esta interrupção, seja por falha de terceiros ou não;

7.1.2. A Quoretech está igualmente isenta de qualquer responsabilidade resultante da má utilização da Aplicação ou da Plataforma, bem como dos danos e/ou perdas de toda e qualquer natureza que possam resultar da transmissão, difusão, disponibilidade, recepção, obtenção ou acesso ao conteúdo e que surjam, entre outros:
(i) descumprimento da lei, da moral, dos bons costumes geralmente aceitos ou da ordem pública;
(ii) violação de direitos de propriedade intelectual e industrial, segredos comerciais, compromissos contratuais de qualquer tipo, direitos à honra, à privacidade pessoal e familiar, à imagem das pessoas, direitos de propriedade e toda e qualquer natureza pertencente a terceiros;
(iii) realização de atos de concorrência desleal e publicidade ilegal; (iv) a falta de veracidade, precisão, exatidão, utilizador; (v) a inadequação para qualquer tipo de propósito e utilização indevida da Aplicação, da Plataforma, ou a frustração, das expectativas geradas pelo Conteúdo;
(vi) a interrupção do acesso à Aplicação, independentemente do motivo que cause esta suspensão, ou a presença de elementos nocivos na Aplicação.

‍7.2. A Quoretech não responde em nenhuma circunstância, mesmo conjunta e solidariamente ou subsidiária para nenhuma:
(i) Perdas sofridas pelo Utilizador, Profissional Médico ou Paciente, devido a decisões pessoais, mesmo que baseadas na informação disponibilizada através do Sistema Quoretech;
(ii) Perdas sofridas pelo Utilizador resultantes de dados introduzidos erroneamente no Sistema Quoretech, causando eventuais desvios no relatório final, uma vez que a responsabilidade pela imputação da informação é única e exclusiva do Utilizador, assumindo a Quoretech a exactidão dos dados imputados;
(iii) os danos sofridos pelo Utilizador devido à manutenção técnica e/ou operacional que requer a pausa temporária do sistema ou impossibilita o acesso ou mesmo buracos no programa operacional do dispositivo QuoreOne, App QuoreApp e Plataforma QuoreAI, conectividade do Utilizador com a Internet para a utilização da Aplicação e da Plataforma, um vírus que pode atacar o equipamento devido ao acesso à Internet, transferência de ficheiros, imagens e/ou textos;
(iv) Para quaisquer situações resultantes de atos de Deus ou de força maior e/ou conduta de terceiros;
(v) Ocorrência de morte ou qualquer outro dano à saúde do Utilizador Paciente enquanto este estiver a utilizar o dispositivo de monitorização QuoreOne e/ou qualquer mal-entendido quanto à natureza da operação Quoretech, que se restringe ao fornecimento de infraestrutura tecnológica para permitir um serviço puramente de diagnóstico, sem qualquer assistência e/ou assistência de emergência.

7.3. O Utilizador concorda em defender, indenizar e manter a Quoretech e os seus diretores, empregados e agentes indenizados de e contra quaisquer acusações, ações ou reclamações, incluindo, mas não se limitando a, honorários razoáveis de advogados, resultantes:
(i) da sua possível utilização indevida do Sistema Quoretech, ou
(ii) da violação das condições agora acordadas.

7.4. Em nenhum caso a Quoretech será responsável por danos pessoais ou qualquer perda incidental, especial, indireta ou perda consequente, perda de lucros, incluindo, sem limitação, perda de lucros, corrupção ou perda de dados, falha na transmissão ou recepção de dados, nenhuma continuidade comercial ou qualquer outra perda ou perda comercial, resultante ou relacionada com a sua utilização ou a sua incapacidade de utilizar o Sistema Quoretech, por qualquer outro motivo.

7.5. Considerando que Quoretech apenas fornece infraestruturas e ferramentas de análise diagnóstica, a responsabilidade por todas as obrigações decorrentes dos atos realizados pelo Utilizador Profissional Médico, independentemente da sua natureza, quer sejam consumistas, funcionários, fiscais, ou exclusivos da prática médica, é exclusiva do Utilizador Profissional Médico. Consequentemente, a Quoretech não é responsável pelo conteúdo escrito e/ou falado pelo Utilizador Profissional Médico quando utiliza as funcionalidades do Sistema Quoretech.


8.1. The content of these Terms may be modified automatically, improved in accordance with technological advances, at the discretion and scope of Quoretech and for better application of technical and legal security.

8.2 The User may consult the provisions of these Terms at any time within the Application and/or the Platform on the "Terms and Conditions" page. If the User does not agree with the new provisions, they may request the deletion of their Registration by emailing contact@quore.tech.


9.1 This Term has an indefinite term, entering into force on the date of formalization of the electronic acceptance, which may be unilaterally terminated by Quoretech, without any charge, by means of simple communication through the Application or the Platform itself.

9..1.1 In the event of non-compliance with these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Quoretech may, at any time and regardless of the reason or prior notice, delete profiles, deny, suspend or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, Users' access to the Application and Platform, which may result in the deletion of all information provided by Users, without any indemnity or compensation being due to said Users.

9.2 At any time, when the User feels uncomfortable sharing their data with the Quoretech System, or decides to withdraw their consent to the processing of the data described in this Term, they may request the deletion of their Registration by emailing contact@quore.tech.


10.1 There is no business relationship, mandate, franchise or employment relationship between Quoretech and the User. The legal effects of this Term are limited to what is expressly provided for.

10.2 If any provision of this instrument is deemed illegal, void or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall not be affected and shall remain valid and enforceable to the maximum extent possible.

10.3 The tolerance of one party towards the other in relation to the breach of any of the obligations assumed in this Term shall not imply novation or waiver of rights. The forbearing party may, at any time, require the other party to comply faithfully and completely with this instrument.

10.4..4 In the event of suspicion of any irregularity in the Registration and/or use of the Quoretech System, and/or doubts, complaints and suggestions, the User must immediately contact the support team via e-mail at contact@quore.tech.

10.5 Quoretech reports may unilaterally, without prior notice, at any time, without any charge and/or penalty, not provide, cancel or suspend the use of all components of the Quoretech system, including the collection of all QuoreOne devices.

10.6 The User, especially the Medical Professional User, may not transfer his/her Registration to third parties or other Users.

10.7 The User fully agrees with the provisions of these Terms and undertakes to irreversibly and irrevocably comply with the conditions set out herein, as well as to make profitable and legal use of the tools made available through the Quoretech System.

10.8 These Terms shall be governed, interpreted and executed in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, regardless of the conflicts of these laws with the laws of other states or countries.

10.9 The Parties elect the Court of the District of São Paulo of the State of São Paulo to settle any doubts and/or disputes arising from this Term, expressly waiving the jurisdiction of any other forum, however privileged.

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